by bezzle

I went shopping on Saturday at DFO and got some clothes but more importantly there was a kitchenware sale with 60% off the marked price of all stock in the store!  So I dragged my mum in with me and I spent a gleeful half an hour trying to reason with myself not to buy everything.  I took horrible grainy photos of the things I got, which I thought were cheap at the time, but really are just decent and reasonable prices.  So it’s okay.

6 piece icing set ($4.00) – now I don’t have to be dodgy and ice all my cakes with a knife and a plastic bag of icing/cream!  I can reuse this syringe-y looking thing over and over again and it’s not a limp bag and I can control the flow of the icing and I’m excited to use it.  Also bonus spatula (I think we have a spatula lurking in the cutlery drawer somewhere.  Maybe.) and other nozzles.  Can’t wait to try making things look professional.

Cookie cutters ($2.60) – six cookie cutters, one edge being fluted and one edge being a straight cut (i.e. you can use both sides depending on whether you want fancy shaped biscuits or plain ones).  I’ve been either using a knife or a tumbler for cutting shapes, so this will be a much-needed set.  I sat in the car on the way back thinking this one was definitely a splurge, but hey if you put the price in perspective with other things it’s quite cheap.  It’s just six pieces of plastic in another plastic case, but I’m sure these will be very useful.

12.3cm large ramekin ($2.40) – there were so many pieces of china oven-to-tableware (like ramekins, little pie dishes, etc.) that I just had so much trouble deciding what to get.  Only earlier last week (on Wednesday) I had gone to Aldi solely for their ‘white-gold toned’ ramekins which are not the best quality but they look quite good and not different from any other ramekins, just cheaper.  So there were similar ramekins in this store, only a plain white, although there was a coloured set of five that was very cheap just not as cheap as Aldi.  There were also creme brulee pots (basically a ramekin but I associate them with creme brulee alone because I’ve never seen them used otherwise), pretty little red cherry pie dishes and oval ramekins and basically a stacked up table of I-want-some-of-everything.  Ended up getting one of the largest ramekins because then I can make my potato bake in it.  Not that my current potato-bake-dish isn’t good enough in any way, but I just desperately wanted to buy something off that table.

Here is a photo with the pie tin for comparison.

On a side note, I saw massive mugs that were basically flower vases with handles.  Showed them to mum and suggested she buy one for dad.  Because he used to have this 500mL mug and then one day the handle broke off so he couldn’t use it anymore.  He’s been happy with a Hot Dollar Christmas mug we got him, but heck I wanted to see him with that massive mug, if only just to laugh at its sheer size; it was at least 20cm tall.

20cm fluted pie tin  ($12.00) – as I went in the store I obviously had bakeware at the forefront of my mind, but the store only had the basic biscuit trays, cake pans and muffin pans.  And a ‘macaroon/whoopie pie’ tray with little round indents but I wasn’t going to waste money on getting that.  But, with some stroke of luck I found a loose-bottomed pie tin!  Not only was it something I needed, it had a loose base, meaning that I would be able to lift any pies/tarts/quiches out of the tin without having to scrape down the sides and making my life easier in general.  And it was fluted, of course.  Edit: I made a pie with this yesterday – post coming soon!

Set of 4 white-gold tone ramekins ($5.99) – by this point I am getting rather sick of typing ‘ramekins’ but this deserves a place in my post too.  This is the set of four I got from Aldi; I have yet to use them but yay for shiny things.  Obviously very cheap, but until something goes wrong when I use them, this was a good buy for me.