creme fraiche

by bezzle

On Thursday xionks and I went to the city for the UNSW Info Day but I was going to blog about on Thursday but I couldn’t be bothered so here is a post now.

Caught the train from Epping and there was a sizeable spider that was crawling up xionk’s shirt sleeve.  He promptly freaked out and flailed and unsuccessfully attempted to wipe it on a pole.  It went away eventually.

Went to Kinokuniya and Abbeys because xionk is xionk and has this active need to buy books but he didn’t buy any.

Then went to Woolworths, but there was no food I had to stop him from buying large boxes of chocolate.  I despair at his nonexistent sense of nutrition.

After a lot of faffing about we went to this Thai restaurant on that new boardwalk thing in Darling Harbour.  It looked really nice at night when I walked by it after formal and yeah the harbour is much prettier now!  Anyway I didn’t get anything because I already had lunch (we’d met at Epping at 2…something…) but xionk got curry so I just sat there sipping water like the rude person I am.  They advertised $5 snack dishes between 2-5pm; we plan to go there again for those heh.

Xionk got hegelnut gelato and while we were walking to Central we bumped into Anu and Bonnie.  I failed to jaywalk on the rare occasion that I tried, and we stopped by Emperor Garden for my pineapple bun.  They don’t seem as good anymore, they’re getting fluffier like all the other second-rate Asian bakeries I am sad.

Then came a stop at Market City and then the Chinese supermarket opposite because xionk wanted Calpis?  I can’t remember why.  He bought beef jerky and I ate some of it; it tastes better than the ones you buy in Woolworths?  Much less effort to chew and flakier, or perhaps it was the five spices.   Also I saw packets of haw biscuits the ones of my childhood and their packaging hasn’t changed except THE WHITE PAPER IS NOW GOLD so flashy!  Anyway it was 50c for a packet of ten little stacks or $1 for three packets and it was tempting but I couldn’t eat that many.  How does that work though?  You can either buy one, or in multiples of three because buying two packets or buying three packets cost exactly the same?  I am baffled behind the economics or perhaps the store just wanted to get rid of them (there was a whole box with many packets).

Caught the bus to UNSW and because I was standing I slammed into people behind me a few times (but they were gracious about it) and almost landed on top of a couple beside me and trampled on his foot quite a few times but they didn’t seem to notice.  Which was a good thing.

Arrived at UNSW at 5:30-ish and it looks nice half-empty with the avenue and the trees.  Walked up the seven flights of stairs, cursing every step of it.  Got lost because the venue required walking through buildings and it was basically  the furthest corner of the university relative to where we had gotten off the bus.

So while we were trekking our way through the university I remembered that we registered online for the thingo and I had only registered myself as my parents couldn’t be bothered to come and I only asked xionk to come two days earlier.  So I joked that he would be my step-father if anyone asked.  But while we were registering at the tables outside the woman just let us both in with my name, except xionk just hung back outside while I went in.  So I waved my arms wildly at him to get him to come inside tsk.

Swiped an engineering and a business booklet, and waited in line with xionk for the arts faculty table like the good friend I am.  It took forever, so I gave up and sat around and WOW THEIR SANDWICHES ARE SO TASTY I HAD FOUR AND THEY ALL HAD MEAT IT WAS GREAT and this weird creamy sauce stuff?  It was still really good.  Xionk needed to take some paracetamol so he stood around for five minutes trying to get some lemon water?  He made me try some to prove his point that there was barely any lemon in it; it tasted like someone squeezed one lemon, and then added several buckets of water.  “Water, with a hint of citrus.”

We went into the auditorium for some talks and stuff so xionk and I sat somewhat highly up and both stupidly failed to open up the arm table things.  At the beginning of the presentation the powerpoint slide said that there would be a “Q and A” session at the end so xionk said yesss qanda and I said pity I don’t think it’ll happen or something along those lines.  BUT…

After they went through all the speakers and topics, the host said “I’m going to channel Tony Jones now and start answering questions…”

Xionk and I both looked at each other with pleasant surprise and wow we were shocked.

But no one else seemed to react?  The night dragged on and soon people were leaving in dribs and drabs as the presentation was going for too long and it was getting late.  It eventually finished at almost 8 o’ clock and while we were leaving I snagged another of the leftover sandwiches because they were FANTABULOUSLY TASTY.

I later remarked to xionk that we should have clapped at the qanda reference but xionk said that we were probably too surprised, and he’s probably right.  It was the highlight of the night.