The Importance of Penmanship

by Squido~

My recently strained wrist brought to attention how inadequate and incorrect the way I hold my pen is.
After a bit of research this morning, I found this site:

I’m sure there are plenty of other useful sites out there in the vast world of Internet, but if you’re lazy like me, here’s a picture!


Holding a pen/pencil correctly can reduce fatigue during extended periods of writing – something all students undertaking the HSC anytime soon should take to heart! If you haven’t quite worked out what’s wrong yet, start by relaxing (forcefully). It’s difficult to change something so fundamental at first, but I’m trying because I’ve been cornered into it by my condition (so there’s no obligation for anyone else to try) however you may just find a way to write that allows you to write even faster, for longer, or more legibly, who knows?

If you’re comfortable with the way you write then, by all means don’t bother :).

Squido~(c) and associates accept no liability for misunderstandings or failed attempts at altering penmanship. You can rage at me after November the 6th if anything goes wrong on October the 15th and dates following. :)