last night

by bezzle

My dad was driving us through Punchbowl home from a friend’s house and we passed the Lebanese bakery we always pass

and we watched the conveyor belt of bread like always

so for the first time, my dad caves into curiousity

and stops the car and goes into the bakery

which is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

And then when he gets to the counter

a boy pops up and they start talking

and my dad asks for one of the bread things

because they look like massive round bread rolls that could ‘feed us for a week’.

Which is exaggerating, because they’re just a little bigger than a dinner plate.  But still.

So the boy reaches up, and grabs one from the conveyor belt for my dad, and places it in front of him

and my dad is all puzzled because

the bread is actually the flat Lebanese bread

and he was expecting a massive bread roll and can’t get over the fact that’s it’s flat and not-massive.

I bet the boy thought my dad hadn’t eaten for days and was a beggar or something, asking for one.

So he gave it to my dad free of charge, and my dad bought a bag of 7 for a dollar

hot from the oven.

It smelt like perfectly browned toast in my lap on the way home.

Here is the bakery’s address:

779 Punchbowl Rd

Punchbowl NSW 2196


Their conveyor belt is so cool.