Why Ruse Kids Have No Life

by Squido~

Ok so I just did all the Maths homework I got on the same day in the one night (for the first time in like 2 years) and HOLY CRAP it took sooooooooo long!!!

I believe I started at about 4:30 and revised a bit of theory had some dinner finished at 8:30 and at the rate that I’m going I have almost no time for my other 3 subjects!!

Hence this leads me to conclude that:
Our school Maths teachers must be sadists and we who do this every afternoon must be masochists. What a beautiful relationship :'(

P.S. I am sincerely hoping that the person to whom the stubborn booger in the bathroom sink belongs realises quite soon it belongs to her, and endeavours to remove it before too long. It quite irks me every time I use that sink.