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13-episode long anime. fucking awesome.

Rashomon: It was, uh, pretty average. The most interesting part of the film, the multiple unreliable narrators, wasn’t all that interesting. I suppose it would be mind-blowing to people who have never encountered stories which feature that.

I Love You Phillip Morris: Whoa. The movie was not great which is unfortunate since the story it was telling was so cool.

Steven Jay Russell (born September 14, 1957) is a U.S. con artist and impostor, known for escaping from prison multiple times. He has received numerous nicknames, including “Houdini” and “King Con.” A film about his life and crimes was produced in 2009, named I Love You Phillip Morris. In 2011, his crimes were featured on the TV show I Almost Got Away with It in the episode “Got a Boyfriend to Support.”

On March 20, 1998, Russell posed as a millionaire from Virginia in an attempt to legitimize a $75,000 loan from NationsBank in Dallas. When bank officials became suspicious and alerted the police, Russell feigned a heart attack and was transported to a hospital. While in the hospital, Russell was placed under guard by FBI agents. However, Russell managed to impersonate an FBI agent on his cell phone and convinced those guarding him that he was no longer a wanted man.

Burrows-Wheeler transform: A well-written Wikipedia article that explains most of the concept in a way that a layperson can understand.

Endangered Ugly Things

This is a slime mold known only as Diacheopsis metallica. Despite appearances, it is a single-celled amoeba. Slime molds spend a large amount of the time as you would expect an amoeba to: gooping around as an individual cell, eating things smaller than itself. When things get rough the individuals band together, Voltron-syle, to search for food or water. This isn’t to say the cells form together into a multi-cellular creature. Instead, they form a gigantic, multi-nucleated cell that is able to pick up and move, slug-like, to a more favorable location. They also use this time to produce spores, which will spread if things don’t get any better.

Scientists have found this aspect of slime molds absolutely fascinating. In this form, slime molds can solve mazes. It will even re-create the Tokyo Rail map when food is placed at junction points. Computer scientists are researching how slime molds solve problems to help programs search, move, and problem solve more organically.

Roman à clef

Roman à clef or roman à clef , French for “novel with a key”, is a phrase used to describe a novel about real life, overlaid with a façade of fiction.[1] The fictitious names in the novel represent real people, and the “key” is the relationship between the nonfiction and the fiction.[2] This “key” may be produced separately by the author, or implied through the use of epigraphs or other literary devices.[3]

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Mount Salak Sukhoi Superjet 100 crash

In the immediate aftermath of the crash, various experts speculated that the crash could be due to human error, technical failure, or weather conditions. Rogozin said that “primary expert opinion suggests that the technology worked well and it is possibly the human factor”. Ronny Rosnadi, an Indonesian pilot, questioned the crew’s request to descend below the minimum obstacle clearance altitude (MOCA). Anatoly Knyshov, a Russian test pilot, said that the aircraft’s terrain warning systems “apparently did not work”, citing thunderstorm activity and static discharge as a possible reason behind the failure. David Learmount, an aviation writer, said that sometimes during demonstrations “pilots … deliberately take the aircraft right to their limits… Sometimes they push the limits just too far. And that might have happened.”[13] Jörg Handwerg, the Press Secretary of the association of German pilots Cockpit, suggested that difficult weather conditions and relief played a role in the Superjet crash too.[27] German and Indonesian pilots also cited difficulties in flights over Indonesia, especially for foreign pilots, due to the technical and organisational problems in work of the ground services and communications with the ground.[27][28]