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Limitless: It’s fluff, but it’s extremely beautiful and enjoyable fluff. The moral issues associated with its premise are barely dealt with at all, which was probably a good idea: I doubt that they could have been dealt with gracefully in a movie like this.

Brazil: I liked the aesthetic of the movie, but the dreams and the way the main character behaves towards his love interest irritated me enough to dislike the movie. The rest of the movie was cool and there are definitely great scenes, such as this one, in the movie. It’s a satire of bureaucracy that seems to point out ‘look, you don’t need a mastermind behind everything for oppression to exist’ but this isn’t really reflected in the main plot (i.e. the romance bullshit).

The Time Traveller’s Wife:  This movie is pretty and not annoying to watch. In spite of that, it doesn’t really connect to me emotionally – if I’m not mistaken this is a fatal flaw in this genre – and you’re much better off playing To The Moon (even though it’s not half as pretty).

To The Moon: Initially it’s exceedingly melodramatic and possibly tedious, but as the plot progresses it becomes an awesome tragic drama.

Quora: Are video games dumb?

To answer your question directly: no, “video games” are not dumb, but yes, there are dumb video games.

It astounds me that people continue to attack an entire medium, unless I consider that making such blanket statements translates into froth, vehemence, and pageviews.

A book can be dumb. Books are not dumb.
A movie can be dumb. Movies are not dumb.