perfection takes time

by bezzle

I have no homework.  Nothing, except to work on history extension.  I am so confused right now.  Surely there’s some massive project due in two days, or a hidden avalanche of homework somewhere.

wait yes there’s my maths

But anyway, have a proper blogpost, where I actually relay what happened in my life today, unlike the posts for the past year or so.

Today was OZCLO nationals, and at recess off we went to Macquarie University!  After a caffeine/sugar stop at Macquarie Centre, we headed off to campus and found the building, then realised we had no idea what room the competition was in.    Eventually we found our teacher/he found us, and we found ourselves in a small room, the eight of us (two teams) with four rowdy North Sydney girls.

All I can remember for the first half-hour was loud conversation, loud, loud and irritation.  And utter frustration at the second question.

Thanks to Emily, Jenny and Dodo yay still in awe about coming first in state eeeeeee it’s a pleasure being on your team.

For some reason I went back to school for Extension History and it wasn’t as soporific as usual and I think I shall have to defer my poster-buying to tomorrow.

Wow reading my post bored myself.