request: my preoccupation with male facial hair

by bezzle

To that dear reader who protested at my squeeing at Korean men, I say


I’ll squee about whatever men I feel like, thank you.  Have an emoticon.  >D

But, because I am a weak-willed blogger with a very boring life, I’ll do your request.  Heehee.

I find male facial hair interesting, because it’s like accessorising.  Except it’s not possible to remove and reattach real facial hair.

My preoccupation may have something to do with Modern History, because

1) Sexist as it sounds, lots of the awesome people were men.  I think we’ve had this debate in History Extension, but I think everyone who does history can agree that pretty much all the noted figures of history are male.

2) All (of the men) had facial hair of some sort.  (Except Jacky Fisher, but you all know what I think of him.)

In our modern society, men with facial hair is rare, and very distinctive.  Some may sport some sort of I’m-not-sure stubble or other sorts of half-hearted attempts, but I think moustaches and beards are uncommon nowadays.  (Another reason for the good ol’ days!)  And you know how non-mainstream things are cool. It gives me the notion that the men with moustaches and/or beards have quirky or distinctive personalities to pull it off.

On a probably related point, I assume that growing and maintaining facial hair requires time, effort and genetic luck.  In our busy lives, that sort of dedication ain’t always around.  And if you happen to be unable to grow facial hair, or have sparse follicles, then it’s just unfortunate and you probably are better off being clean shaven.

Also maybe it isn’t fashionable?  I don’t know about this.  Maybe moustachioed and bearded men find that others don’t like being kissed by people with facial hair.  Maybe they’re afraid of having hairy mealtimes.  These are all problems which probably contribute to dwindling numbers of men with facial hair.  Hence I notice said men.

I want to iterate the point that I do not dislike clean-shaven-ness.  Sometimes, males look better without facial hair, for example teen pop stars.  Men with moustaches and beards just give me the impression that they put effort into an aspect of their appearance which reminds me of Victorian men.  And Hercule Poirot, with his ‘waxed moustaches’.  And grizzly old sea salts.  (Moustache, moustaches and moustachioed are all words that are a boon to the English language.  The last one especially.)

Also.  My like of facial hair does not extend to goatees and soul patches and those jawline things that hiphop and R&B singers have.  Those are quite firmly in the dislike section.

Edit: I feel this post is an inadequate expression of what I’m trying to say.  I may edit it later on.