On stupid values

by cloudier

Let’s stop snubbing people for being studious. And let’s stop boasting about how little we’ve studied too.

If someone’s trying to kiss ass by boasting about how much they’ve studied, insult them for kissing ass, not for being studious. Being hardworking and disciplined is a valuable skill in itself.

Isn’t it hypocritical to perpetuate the idea that studying is uncool, especially since it doesn’t have to be true? It can be tedious; it can be hard work and it can suck, but it can be good for you in the long run – just like, say, exercising, but people don’t seem to think that exercising is uncool. (I’m not trying to say that studying is going to fix all your problems, but without it, your problems are going to increase. It’s like asking a car to run with everything except an engine.)

And on studying too little. Creativity probably isn’t going to be nurtured by studying, but understanding how different systems of thinking work requires time and effort – for example, algebra doesn’t become a second nature without some heavy use, and without being able to manipulate it effectively, how are you going to creatively solve problems? (I realise that people complain about how little they’ve studied much much more often than boast, but I still wanted to point it out.)