but it tastes good

by bezzle

It’s ten thirty, my eyes are swollen, I have no motivation to do anything constructive and hence all I want to do is eat.  Yeah, I probably am one of those comfort eaters.

I hate this feeling of knowing I have a bajillion things to do and another two bajillion things I could practise/study ahead for, and yet I somehow get away with doing very little.

Well, ag is over.  TT.TT I’ll miss you, 11AG1.  We may not have shared many classes nor been close friends at the start, but I thought our class was special (and not just because there was only five of us) and it was great studying with you all :’)  Also, thanks to our fantabulous teacher  \(^ . ^ )/

I always have these ideas for some long posts about various weeaboo things that no one really cares about (note: I’ve added a new category – weeaboo) but maybe I’ll actually verbalise and post them one day.