Why I wish I could have been a Japanese high school student

by bezzle

– sailor uniforms, ribbons and gakuran.  OMG why do their uniforms look so much better.  GAKURAN~

– field trips.  They look like so much fun!  Like camp, I guess, but school camp (at least at our school) doesn’t seem to focus on just having a good time and bonding with friends.  Also being able to wander about/sightsee 8D

– cultural festivals.  The closest our school got was the 50th anniversary fete…and that was not very fun for me.  I love the idea (again based on deepening relationships with classmates) of having classes work together and plan stalls and cafes and eep it sounds so exciting!  At our school it’d probably take too much energy/time away from studying or something.  *sigh*

– after-school clubs >:D I’d totally want to start an animanga/otaku club! gahaha *fangirl mood ACTIVATED* OR OR something like the friendship club in Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai and lounge about playing games

– I’d be in Japan.