“Modern consumer capitalism will flourish as long as what people desire outpaces what they have.”

by cloudier

It is thus vital to the reproduction of the system that individuals are constantly made to feel dissatisfied with what they have.

I am reading a book called Growth Fetish and the most interesting parts so far for me are the parts about identity and marketing, so it’s like an expansion of this comment from Reddit plus some economic and political analysis. The title of the book comes from the obsession with economic growth and its association with greater quality of life and happiness, which is the most important assumption often made in society that is criticised in the book.

I read some reviews about it. One talked about how this book claimed to be a single dissenting voice in the oppressive world while pointing to many other books about similar ideas that have already been published. Others were inspired by the book but criticised the lack of actionable recommendations.

Also, I watched A Scanner Darkly. The animation was interesting but the movie wasn’t particularly interesting to me. Overall I felt confused. Maybe the book will fare better. I liked the soundtrack though.