reading dreadnought

by bezzle

– “At dinner one night at Osborne House, the Queen entertained a famous admiral whose hearing was impaired.  Politely, Victoria had asked about his fleet and its activities; then, shifting the subject, she asked about the admiral’s sister, and elderly dowager of awesome dignity.  The admiral thought she was inquiring about his flagship, which was in need of overhaul.  “Well, ma’am,” he said, “as soon as I get back I’m going to have her hauled  out, roll her on her side and have the barnacles scraped off her bottom.”  Victoria stared at him for a second and then, for minutes after, the dining room shook with her unstoppable peals of laughter.”

– About Alfred von Tirpitz: “His favourite drink, it was said, was “North Sea foam”.

– Really, the main question so far is trying to decide between ‘First Sea Lord’ and ‘Supreme War Lord’.

– Also I find it very very odd that the First Sea Lord did not have a beard.  Not even a moustache!  Or mutton chops!  And why did Tirpitz fork his beard?