incidentally, a talk with a stranger

by bezzle

Today at the bus stop I had a lovely chat with a bearded dude called Cameron (here’s a shout out he’ll never read), and it really put my -school- life into a new perspective.

It started when he asked me the time, as his bus was due any moment.  Conversation then moved onto school and career paths – I think he’s twenty-two or so (he said he was in year 11 five years ago), and is an engineering student at TAFE.

I swear, it is so hard to judge a bearded man’s age.  I was scared of offending him by asking if he remembered school, but Cameron didn’t seem to notice.  *phew*  Also, his beard is quite thick, and has taken him a month and a half (with a bit of trimming).  I wonder if his is a conversation-starter.

Conversation was kind of jerky between us, but not awkward, and he was a very friendly guy.  We ended up talking about totally random topics, like you would with friends.  While we were talking about school and subjects and what could have been for him, he mentioned his maths/english mark.  I think, from an average highschooler’s point of view, it was more than respectable – but not a number you’d hear of at our school.  And here’s the thing, he had no idea about our school’s reputation (he thought I was from Cumbo, originally…) so it was really liberating to talk about school and study to him.  Especially about what happens after school, and moving out and stuff.  The notion of uni not being mandatory after high school is quite alien to me.

My bus ended up being more than 15 minutes late, and he just caught it rather than wait for his own.

And to top it all off, he said ‘toodles‘ when he got off the bus.  TOODLES.

Wow, there already exists the tag ‘random encounters with strangers’.  How handy.