random piece of hate

by bezzle

An idea for a -rage- post that occurred in the one of two places where all inspiration takes place, the shower!

Dibsing, dibbing, whatever it’s called.  The most childish and unfair way to justify involuntarily picking out a poor sod to do the nasty tasks that no one else wants to do.

As you can tell, I’ve been caught on the receiving end, pretty much every time.  So if anyone is an a**hole enough to do it, I’m easy pickings!

I have no idea when people started this thing, all I can remember is suddenly being ‘picked’ to speak in group work, etc. (i.e. being the victim) at the beginning of the year, and even now.  This disgusting phenomenon seems to have remained isolated to our school’s year 11 population, thank goodness.

1) Dibsing seems to be an exercise in avoiding responsibility.  Noticed: all the ‘responsible’ people end up being the ones who do the dreaded task because they are the mature ones who didn’t join in, and were hence singled out.  Either way they lose, I suppose.  I’m not talking about myself here, though.  I just got picked because everyone else just seemed quicker/I wasn’t listening, and I thought I’d look stupid putting my finger on my nose.

2) The numbskull who starts it gets off scot-free for whatever they want to avoid doing.

3) There’s no challenge to it or whatever.  If you’re caught being the last person to put their finger on their nose, tough, because everyone else has basically agreed to the dibs method.

4) If you think dibsing is stupid, you’re going to be the one that loses.  Because anyone with a sense of self-preservation is going to put their finger on their nose quick-smart so they don’t get chosen.  Duh.  And anyone that whines about coming last is obviously a bad sport.

5) I don’t think even kids do this.  At least with ‘bagsing’, you had to back it up.  For example, you could ‘bags’ the best handball court, but you had to get to it first.  With dibsing, it’s just whoever’s desperate enough to start it.

I’m feeling quite inarticulate at the moment.  I don’t think numbering my points helped either.