Misunderstanding Murphy’s Law

by cloudier

My dad talks to people on the phone while he’s on the toilet. He probably isn’t an evil person, but he is a douchebag by western standards. (By the way, did you know that occidental is the opposite of oriental?)

Sometimes when he’s driving the car, he moves into a lane and observes that the lane he just left is now moving faster than the lane he just moved into. Then he complains a bit and says something about Murphy’s Law that suggests that he believes it means that if something unfortunate can happen, it will happen, every single time. Perhaps I’m just projecting my previous misunderstandings on other people, but this frustrates me because I am pretty sure that Murphy’s law is just a concise if slightly ambiguous way of saying ‘as the number of times you change lanes approaches infinity, the chance of leaving a lane just to find that it moves faster than the lane you arrived in approaches one’.