something i came across…

by bezzle

…that perfectly sums up how I feel about Glee

Things About Glee That Bug the BAP (based on my having sat through the whole of season 1, and then a handful of season 2 episodes)

a.) No continuity. I’m willing to turn a blind eye to a lapse or two, but sometimes when you sit down to watch Glee it feels like last week’s episode never even happened. What about the aftermath of Kurt’s Beyonceliciousentrance into the football team? What about Artie and Tina’s brief flirtation/betrayal, which was never touched upon after the episode in question, as far as I know? QUINN’S BABY, HELLO? Characters make huge breakthroughs, there are major plot upheavals, and then after that it’s like none of that stuff ever happened,until another episode suddenly decides to bring it up again, and then the character/incident in question is conveniently brought back to the light. And it pisses me off.

b.) The show seems more interested in who the next big-name celebrity guest star will be, or which chart-topping song of the week will feature in an episode. I am not calling “sell-out”, not at all ; by all means, bring on the famous people (the more Neil Patrick Harris the better). But what annoys me is that having a coherent or relevant plot appears to have taken a backseat in the process. In other words, they work the story (any story, whatever story, however repetitive or contrived) around the song choices, instead of having a good solid storyline with song choices that complement it.

c.) The songs performed on the show (with a few exceptions) are pretty much the studio recorded versions of the originals, but with different vocals. A little reinvention or re-interpretation wouldn’t kill anyone, would it? I haven’t been really truly impressed since the pilot episode’s Don’t Stop Believing, and then The Warblers’ version of Train’s ridiculously annoying Hey Soul Sister (but then I like everything The Warblers do; those matching blazers are HOT).

d). I simply cannot like any one of the characters, with the exceptions of Sue Sylvester, Puck, and maybe Kurt’s dad. Based on my personal TV-viewing history, having a truly great character or two (and by “great character” I don’t just mean “capable of inducing lady-boners”) can redeem a show in my eyes, even if everything else about the programme has apparently gone down the toilet (hey there Supernatural). But no one on Glee fits that role. The Glee club in itself is meant to a be a refuge from the rest of the school, a haven of acceptance from the outside world which judges traits like being fat, or being an over-achiever, or being disabled, or having the wrong skin colour. But when the Glee kids themselves are giving each other shit for petty reasons , how am I supposed to muster any level of empathy for any of them? I don’t get the impression that any of the Glee kids like or even enjoy being in each others’ presence. The writers themselves are guilty of pushing certain characters into the background; for practically the entire first season, the character of Mike Chang was known as “Other Asian Kid”, which was kind of funny but oh wow did it drive me up the wall. So when these kids get on stage and sing an empowering song at the end of the week’s episode and are suddenly all bonding and everything, I’m supposed to buy it? Yeah. Not happening. I’m not asking for anything Hallmarkian and trite or High School Musical-ey (in which EVERYONE loves EVERYONE else); of course the Glee kids can have their competitions and conflicts. But the way it’s being done now is making pretty much everyone (except Puck, because he is as adorable as he has always been) come across to me as being way too mean, selfish, bitchified and petty. And that’s not cool.