four days left! soldier on…soldiers…

by bezzle

I AM ONE HAPPY CHAPPY :D  I have just place my order with an English yarn company and bought some lovely yarn to make me a nubbly bag!  They had the exact yarn I need, even the discontinued colours 8D  Here is what it should turn out like:

It appears the webcam on my BRAND SPANKING NEW computer is broken.  Will ask sister when she gets back from camp if she has any idea what is going on, she uses the thing to take luvos and luvo-videos…  I shall go fiddle with my camera.

It’s out of battery.  Am waiting for it to recharge.

Here have some music:

I’ve heard this song lots of times on the radio, but I love the beginning and the chorus because Skylar Grey sounds good (Y)  But her parts work pretty okay with Diddy’s parts, because often I think the slower (usually the featured female singer) parts don’t work with rapping parts.

Oh here we go:

YAY bobbles!  Hope I’ll get the hang of it, and this picture shall be a reminder for me to finish this project once I start it, because knitting is one of those things you forget about totally if you get lazy.



I was walking to Carlingford Court, to record my good ol’ beef prices, and behind me (about 2-3 metres away) was an old lady, and she had this really strong perfume-y smell.

And it really reminded me of primary school – there were a couple of older ladies who worked at my first school as teachers and helpers.  I can’t put a name to the scent, but it just gave me a nostalgic feeling.

And no, I didn’t know that lady.

It also got me kinda freaked out as to how this woman (and presumably a lot more out there) have the exact same scent.  Is there a brand of perfume that is popular with old women?  A brand of soap?  It’s very distinctive.

While I was walking through the shops I heard ‘Breaking Free’ playing.  That’s right – that High School Musical song.

I love those price reduction stickers on the baked food section in Coles/Woolworths :)  And the flavoured milk :)