by bezzle

Come on, you know it’s the cutest thing ever.

Chiba-kun (Y)  And it’s so sweet how far they go for her :3

Also, the most emotional and thrilling manga I’ve read so far goes to Mars. It’s a high school romance, but it’s got so many dimensions – a psychopath underage killer, illegitimate parentage, sexual assault, sibling suicide – it was a rollercoaster and even though now that I look back at it it’s probably rather heavy on the dramatic, dark stuff like the aforementioned, but in the end their love is beautiful and much more believable and soul-connecting.  ARGH can’t really find the right words but it’s a 15 volume series but the art is wonderfully simple (it’s a josei/shoujo romance, but the ideas and art are of the more realistic and mature josei genre) and not at all a dragged out story.  I loved it.

There’s a Taiwanese drama, but the main characters didn’t look that attractive to me, and the manga was more than satisfying anyway.

I would also like to say that I am looking forward to Kaminomi season two coming out in less than two weeks :)