by bezzle

It was Friday morning, and I got up at 6:40 in the morning, and was freaked out by my bedsheet in the dim light.

I never noticed until then how scary fake Ben10 is.

Also on the same day, after school, I had to go to the library and walk to Carlingford Court.  But there was a burst stormwater pipe on Pennant Hills Road so I had to somehow cross a torrent of water, which I did at where I thought the water was least likely to bowl me over.  I did get my feet completely drenched (and had to wring my socks out) but by the time I got home my shoes were damp, not dripping.  So I left them out the front on the balcony to dry off, but my mum but them in the shoe cupboard.  So which is why this morning, when it was 8:03 and I had to run to the bus stop, I took out my shoes and they were spotted with white mould.  Hence I had to make a split decision to wear my old shoes.  And then I had to double back to get my Japanese book.

I’ve told this story already, but whatever.  I still find it weird.

I’ve got nothing to rant about recently, mainly because I’ve been too out of it and also because I had a drama addiction to deal with.  I’m over it now, because I finished watching xD  But I can’t be bothered to find another Taiwanese one to watch.  Man, I’m so glad I’m a lazy addict, and not a hardcore one.

Not that anyone reads my fangirl stuff, but I’m gonna go on about it now.  Under the cut, because I’m so considerate.

Fated to love you

A 2008 Taiwanese romance drama – I won’t post the picture, you know, the one that they put as the image when they review the movie or whatever – because it makes the lead guy not look as hot as he does inside the drama.  And let me tell you, that almost stopped me from watching.  But yes, he is hot >< and the lead female is too (but not so much in the beginning, because she has to undergo The Transformation).

It’s utterly predictable, but still touching and totally SQUEEE~

I’ve looked online and everyone seems to love this drama – it’s broken records with its second episode and the chemistry between the two stars (i.e. the people in the picture above) is really really good.  I don’t really mind its predictability (come on – even the title says it all) but because sometimes the best romances are the ones that you know are going to happen, and you’re there to enjoy the ride.  I love it.