because lazy sundays call for something like this

by bezzle

I haven’t done some foodie posts in a while!  Mainly because I haven’t been cooking much, but that’s no excuse, right?

I find myself getting too lazy to make individual things like cookies – and so it’s a return to cakes, and dabbling in other non-baking foods.  Hopefully I’ll remember to post those recipes up!

Here’s a Milo cake recipe.  I found this one a while back, when I was in the mood to bake something chocolatey but there was no good chocolate to bake with (because my mum thinks chocolate is ‘fatty’- not that stops her from buying eating chocolate – and also it’s expensive to get good quality cooking chocolate ^^’) and so I decided to use the closest thing to chocolate I knew, Milo!  The end result is a tad fudgy and heavy and tastes exactly like Milo, but it still satisfies any chocolate cravings.  It’s also handy in finishing those tins of milo, because they come in very large tins and I only use them in teaspoon amounts for milk.  This recipe calls for 250g of Milo, but that’s more than a cup of powder O__O.  I’ve used no more than a half of that amount each time I’ve made this cake – it definitely does not need more.



250g softened butter (Remember what I said about my mum and fatty foods?  Yeah, I end up scrimping on this too.  250g of butter is half a tub!)

200g castor sugar (Ditto, scrimping here.  Milo is sweet anyway, so I advise using less than this.)

4 eggs, separated

250g Milo

1/3 cup milk

125g self raising flour


Preheat the oven to 180 degrees.  Cream the butter and sugar until pale.  Add the egg yolks, Milo, and milk and beat until well mixed.  Then add the flour and beat until well mixed.

Whip the egg whites until soft peaks form.  Fold the egg whites into the ‘chocolate’ mixture, and then pour into a cake tin (don’t forget to butter the sides and put baking paper on the bottom).

Bake for 50 minutes, gave or take 5.  Test with a skewer.  Cool to room temperature and serve with a dollop of cream.

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