Getting hooked on Taiwanese dramas D:

by bezzle

Today was sport, against Northmead and they were an ‘awesome team’, as agreed by all of us.  Even though they were a new team and not very experienced as a whole, they were still very nice and friendly to us, and enthusiastic and encouraging towards their teammates.  Just thought I’d mention it because everyone thought they were really nice, and not every team is like that.

Also, there was a redhead in their team.  She had ‘flame-red’ ringlets (Ringlets!  Ringlets!  Perfect round ones…) and pale (alabaster?) skin and her features were pretty too and yeah I just thought she looked beautiful.  ><

Which also got me thinking about this article I read in Sunday Life the attractiveness of males and females, and a conversation I overheard on the bus once.  Females spent equal amounts of time looking at previously-rated-attractive photos of males and females, whereas males only focussed on the female photos, and gay men on the male photos.

Females check each other out.  I’m not saying they all do, but yes, it’s not a weird or uncommon thing.  It’s one of the reasons why gossip magazines are so addictive.   I like looking at hot people, regardless of their gender.  I don’t think that’s a reflection on my sexual orientation.  But I never really hear guys talking about checking other guys out.

I’m just hypothesising here that this difference is a biological thing?  Along with environment, I guess, because we still don’t treat male and female sexuality equally.  Anyway, I’m saying that back in the cavepeople days, men were ‘spreading their wild oats’ while women tried to find the strongest, fertilest looking man, females probably had to check out the competition, whereas there was no need to do that as a man as males could just wander off to the next impregnable woman.

Or maybe it’s due to environment afterall…