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by bezzle

What is it with all these people getting a virus and sending spam?  I’ve gotten email on how to fix my non-existent erections, acai berry miracle detoxes, stop smoking aids…

Reminder to self: buy handball and write name on it

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“Someday I want to be rich. Some people get so rich they lose all respect for humanity. That’s how rich I want to be.”

-Rita Rudner

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Skip Beat!!!

I finally finished reading it and it is soooo good!

Skip Beat starts with Kyouko, who has followed her love Shou to Tokyo for his singing career.  One day, she overhears him saying that he only asked her to come with him to Tokyo so that she could basically be his servant, and she vows to exact revenge on him by being an even bigger star in show business.  The story follows her trying to break into the acting scene and her slow climb to towards the top, while making friends on the way and possibly falling in love.

I love it because it satisfies all my shoujo romance addictions and it’s at a good pace.  As in, the romance is drawn out but not so that it’s non existent.  Like, sometimes (mostly in some shounen romance manga) it’s just a part of the plot the mangaka develops when the main plot is getting stagnant.  Or it’s painfully obvious that the two main characters are made for each other, but neither can get across to each other (Kimi ni todoke, anyone?) and heaps of chapters have to be dedicated to sorting out the mess.  But in Skip Beat, you can tell they like each other and the romance is developed slowly but steadily and fits in with the rest of the story.  And it’s such pure love >< but not like the whole awkward high school situation – they’re 17 and 21 and in show biz!

Also, the mangaka develops the support characters and love rival.  That is crucial to making a shoujo romance manga stand out.  I mean, in Kaichou wa maid-sama, did anyone even entertain the chance that Misaki would like Hinata?  Nope.  (It may have something to do with the fact that the author made Usui perfect, so no competition, but…)  The mangaka for Skip Beat makes sure that even though we know who she’s going to end up with Tsuruga-san, we can’t discount Shou or ignore his feelings for Kyouko.  And I found myself cheering for him, even though he was an utter a**hole to Kyouko in the beginning D:

Also, it has the transformation from plain into hot girl.  I know, it’s totally cheesy and predictable but it still makes me happy to see it happen.

AND AND we can’t forget a guy in glasses!  Yashiro-san :D He’s basically the comic relief and Tsuruga’s manager who pesters him about his progress with Kyouko.  He’s awesome and cute and he always gets toy dogs with his chocolate for Valentine’s Day.

Reading Skip Beat (especially when Shou kissed Kyouko) turned me into a blubbering mess ^^ because it’s such a good manga :)


Don’t worry, Kyouko definitely sees you as a man.  As does the rest of us.

Cain Hill is so >< badass.  (He’s one of Tsuruga-san’s alter egos.)

and even though Shou definitely doesn’t look as good as Tsuruga-san, he deserves a picture.

I can’t find a good one.  Who cares, here’s one of Kyouko, Tsuruga-san and Shou.  Shou’s the guy on the right.