Battleheart Tips/FAQ

by cloudier

NB: This will be updated as I progress through the game

Battleheart is an action RPG which throws away all your d-pads and attack buttons and replaces it with a simple and intuitive touch-based system.

In this guide I will only give tips which aren’t clearly explained or given in the game. Here is a beginner’s guide to playing Battleheart for people who are utterly hopeless with technology and are still very lost after the tutorial given at the beginning of the game OR people who didn’t read through the tutorial properly.

General Tips

  • It is cheaper to buy better items from the merchant than upgrading – you will literally end up with the same item. For example, if I upgrade Brass Knuckles, I will get Spiked Gloves – which I can also buy from the merchant sometimes.
  • You are not penalized if you die or retreat from battle. If you retreat the items that the Merchant sells do not change.


(These are not official categories.)


These classes are ranked from highest to lowest in defense. Magic and Support type classes have lower defense stats than these classes.

  • Knight
  • Monk
  • Barbarian
  • Rogue


These classes have high offense and low defense.

  • Witch
  • Wizard


  • Cleric – heals your units.
  • Bard – sings some songs – I have no idea what these songs do. Can heal your units through special abilities.


There are three kinds of equipment: weapons, armor and accessories.


Each class has their own type of weapon, which no other class can equip. An exception to this are witches and wizards – they share one type of weapon.


  • Robes – can be worn by all classes
  • Lightweight Armor – can be worn by normal-type classes
  • Monk ‘Gi’ – can only be worn by monks
  • Plate Armor – can only be worn by knights

Boss Battles

  • The level your units should be close to is in brackets.
  • Haggerdom
    • Eston Farmstead (5): Cyclops
    • The Silken Wildwood (10): Spider
  • Brightstone
    • The Oozing Dark (15) : The giant slime you battle here will burst into smaller slimes when you kill it. You win when you kill all the small slimes before the small slimes join together to form the giant slime again.
    • The Earthen Gate (20): Save your defense buffs for when the golem turns red and its attacks are a lot stronger. The golem can summon rocks which fall and damage your units.