really really sad manhwa

by bezzle

I just binge-read a manhwa called Love in the mask.  I found it really moving and sad and kyaaaaaaa~ because it involved:

-crossdressing girls that look hot as a guy or a girl

-a lot of hot guys that like her (reverse harem, anyone?)

– romance.  That stuff is a drug.

and a pretty big dose of tragedy, to make the story much more satisfying than the average girl-gets-hot-guy-in-high-school plot.

For those that haven’t read it, it’s about a beggar girl, Suh Hyun-Bin picked off the streets to be a bodyguard for a company president’s daughter.  She is forced to cross-dress and act as a boy and to never let anyone know her true gender.  Hyun-Bin goes to high school and meets the jjang (strongest fighter/leader) and they fall in love, despite him not knowing she’s a girl.  But the girl she’s guarding falls in love with him too, and Hyun-Bin must fulfil her employer’s wishes and try and bring them together and remain emotionless and cold, because if she does not she’ll be kicked out and killed.

Now that I’ve finished the current chapters, it probably isn’t as emotive as I thought it was, but it is definitely worth a read.  It’s by Han Yu-Rang, who has a drawing style that looks exactly the same as Hwang Mi-Ri, and both of them are romance/comedy/teenage delinquent mangaka, although Han Yu-Rang does manhwa with slightly darker themes.  Anyway, I never really like their drawings, as I think Japanese mangaka draw people much better, but this one managed to make the guys look pretty good.  And their plots are all about teenage delinquents and fighting and romance because of mistaken fights and cross-dressing and stuff – Love in the mask’s base theme of cross-dressing girl whom manages to attract confused male attention despite still appearing as a boy – is exactly the same as Boy of the female wolf which is also by Han Yu-Rang D: but a lot darker and less on the comedy side.

Regular people, please ignore my otaku rambling above.  I just really want to share my feelings and discovery of good manga with people!  I think this is me trying to find someone to fangirl with ><‘ there better be someone out there, or you’ll have to keep reading this sort of stuff.

And MANGA>ANIME ANY DAY.  You want to  fangirl/boy over a series?  You better have read the manga of it then.  Because just the anime ain’t hardcore enough.

ARGGHHHH so many flying ants >:(