end of the tennis season. boo.

by bezzle

Go Novak Djokovic!  No more Jim Courier :(  AND AND Henri Leconte is awesome.

School tomorrow!  And only one more month of summer…

I finished an iOS game two days ago, a turn-based RPG called Ash.  Anyway, it was really good!  I got it for free (it’s $5.99) and I’m a casual gamer and haven’t played RPGs much.  But I found it very simple to play and control, and the plot was interesting and mysterious!  The dialogue was also very witty but heartfelt and made the story better.  And there was a twist and a cliffhanger at the end.  The ending is so sweet, in a sad way ._.  So I can’t wait for Ash 2!  The only suggestion I have for the developers is to add a quest guide that remembers what the player has to do, i.e. ‘travel to southwestern caves’ or ‘find Village Elder’, because I’m forgetful, especially after I’ve left the game for a while.

Speaking of iOS I remember Claudia once posted something about how the App Store is unorganised and drives people to jailbreak their apps.  I totally agree with the unorganised part (not so sure about it driving people to hack their iPods though.  I think that’s just because they don’t want to pay >.>) and it is such a pain searching/browsing the app store.  To find a specific app you have to get the exact name, and the categories are filled with apps that shouldn’t be there, such as a fashion game that was under ‘music games’.

Got my dose of retail therapy today!  Went to Granville for yumcha again (and tried to unsuspiciously avoid the trolley lady’s gaze when she came by our table) and I think it’s both good and bad that Chinese restaurants all serve the same dishes at yumcha – it’s easier to order stuff and you know what’s on offer – but there aren’t many unique dishes.  I can’t think of any.

I hate it when…I’m brushing my teeth, and my hand slips and the head of my toothbrush hits my gums and leaves a cut and hurts like billy-o.  And you know the cut’s going to turn into an ulcer.  And then it does, and you can’t complain to your mum because she’ll just say it’s your fault for eating too much fried/spicy food and ban you from eating any more.  And it’s all because your hand slipped while you were brushing your teeth.