don’t you just love how all the tennis umpires have accents?

by bezzle

All I can say now is that school can’t come quicker enough.  All I need are school shoes.

Oh wait potato trials D:

I was sitting on the toilet and noticed on the last page of the Chinese newspaper lying in the bathtub the English words ‘iPad2’ and ‘iPhone5’.  Obviously, I was curious and the article turned out to say that the second generation of iPad would be out in spring this year, and the iPhone 5 next summer, this year.  That’s so early!  And then everyone’s going to go get the new iPhone and OHMYGOSH like not enough people have an iPhone already.  It’s stupid of me to say this, but some part of me gets annoyed when I see another person with one, even though I used to own one.  I was in a train carriage, and FOUR people within a one-meter radius of me all took one out!  That’s the power of marketing and design for you I suppose.  Like one in three phones I see in people’s hands when I walk in the streets is an iPhone.  And yeah, how does Apple keep pumping out these new models so quickly D:

Reminds me of that line in ‘My Blackberry isn’t working’ that Claudia posted xD  ‘Last week?  Hah, they’ve brought out two more new Apples since then.’  That thing has been the funniest thing I’ve come across in ages :D

My dad is such an Apple fanboy.

Something that I found the epitome of rudeness came to me last Sunday.  It was before the boring furniture shopping – we were at yumcha, when one of the middle aged trolley ladies (who had already stopped by our table before) came over, stopped and in an offhand tone remarked that I looked like a ‘gwei mui’ [a Western/Caucasian girl].  We all sat there, silently stunned while she just stood there, waiting for a reaction I guess.  My parents didn’t say anything, and I just smiled politely and she went on with her trolley pushing.

I think those who spend a lot of time with me realise I might talk about my apparent ethnic looks and rants about people’s comments on my appearance, I’m sorry.  I’m kind of sensitive about it, and that’s not really an excuse.  But this really niggled me.