by car.

my parents are making me go eat dinner with their church friends again. i feel like swearing. they’ve got NO IDEA how frikin awkward it is for me. coz i basically left that church in yr 7, and i dont know the kids well anyway, and being me, the antisocial/shy person i am, i hate going anywhere with them. last time, parents made me and my sis go to kiama with them for the whole day. WHOLE DAY. I barely said anything all day, and if I did, it was to my sister, or occasionally, parents. and their kids just talked among themselves. WASTE OF A DAY. 

far out. they just don’t get why it’s so awkward, and why i hate it so much. i don’t know why i have such a huge reaction to it either. last time they tried to make me go to dinner with them, i think i cried :S gosh, what’s wrong with me. this time, i even pulled out the ‘im doing my maths tutoring hw’ excuse, but mum wouldnt buy it. said to do it later. then i said about how it’s awkward, and that it ain’t gonna make me happy at all. i don’t think she knows what awkward means (coz i said it in english) and she told me off for thinking about my own happiness all the time. HEY, if you want to go eat dinner with them, that’s perfectly fine. just dont drag me into it.

i don’t wanna go into the whole ‘life is unfair’ thing. coz yeah. i wish i could drive, and had a car. like this morning, she came into my church service halfway through, to find me. told me that she and dad were going to BLUE MOUNTAINS to DRINK COFFEE. which prob means chat with other ppl, but you know. THERE ARE PERFECTLY GOOD COFFEE SHOPS HERE. said that they were going right now (with their church ppls), and that if i couldn’t get a lift home from a friend, i had to go home with her right now – unless i wanted to go to blue mtns too?    um, no?! thank goodness i have nice friends (: and gave me a lift home. so yeah. i want a car. so i can basically go anywhere. ahhh, the freedom. if i had a car right now, and had licence, i would drive over to somebody’s house and crash for the night to avoid going to the dinner. i really AM that desperate.

anyways. enough raging for now.

lol. sandra wants me to take stalker photos of this yr 7 guy who’s going, who goes to swimming with her.

he. is. not. cute.

and no, i wont take stalker photos ==”