by cloudier

I am… in the worst job ever! My boss is the biggest asshole I have ever met, so I’ve decided to kill him
with kindness, and just be extra nice to him all the time. Even when he tries to sneak a peak at my junk
mail folder, to try to bust me I don’t get mad. This worked well, until he coerced me into blowing him
up some Word docs for an upcoming meeting. I discovered he was stealing my ideas then fingering me
as the weakest link in our branch. My coworker felt so sorry for me, she started giving me a hand job
hunting on craigslist during her lunch break. Sometimes I feel lucky that none of this happened to me
while I was sick. Otherwise I’d be in a REAL mess right now.


Short version of the story:

  1. Cop catches 15 year old kid smoking at a bus stop in LA.
  2. Cop beats up kid, slams his head into the bus and uses pepper spray.
  3. More cops arrive. Kid is released without charge.
  4. During the incident, several bystanders start recording videos of what the cop is doing.
  5. Cops pick Jeremy Marks, a 17 year old student, and arrest him at gunpoint (destroying the evidence on his phone in the process).
  6. Since photographing police is still legal in California, they charge him instead with “attempted lynching of a police officer”.
  7. The prosecutor makes an offer: plead guilty and he’ll only serve seven years. He declines.
  8. Jeremy is thrown in jail, bail is set at an extortionate amount his family can’t afford.
  9. He sits in jail for seven months awaiting trial.
  10. I hear about the case on Reddit and provide the collateral to get Jeremy out of jail and back to his family for christmas.