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One of a group of genes with a shared nucleotide segment that are involved in the formation of bodily segmentation during embryologic development.

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What do you call a cat with no tail?

A Manx cat.


Unless the President and Democrats explain why the economy still stinks for most Americans and offer a plan to fix it, the Republican explanation and solution – it’s big government’s fault, and all we need do is shrink it – will prevail.

That will mean more hardship for tens of millions of Americans. It will make it harder to remedy the bad economy. And it will set Republicans up for bigger wins in the future.

On December 7, 2000, Claude Jones was executed in Texas for a murder he always maintained he didn’t commit. Nearly a decade after his execution, DNA testing proved in 2010 that the central evidence tying Jones to the crime scene — a hair fragment — was not his.

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I told my roommate about what I imagine heaven is like.

“Well, you get up there and you have the most amazing computer you could ever want. You open up itunes, but instead of music, it is a library of anything you could ever want to know. You type in, “Who has ever thought about me while masturbating?” The list comes up. You can then click each one to either review what their thoughts were. Or watch them jack off to thoughts of you, your choice.”

Roommate’s response: “I understand you so much better now.”

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