by bezzle

Yesterday we went to Luna Park.  I thought it would be fun.  It wasn’t really because I only went on four rides and not the Ferris wheel.  Oh well.  I also got in trouble for wearing shorts, instead of tracksuit pants.

I don’t think the day was really worth a recount of tedious waiting in lines, so I’ll just post a rage on our school’s uniform policy.

Firstly.  You (being the co-ordinator of the excursion, the Head of Science and the School Principal) have stated on the permission note given to us that we were to wear PE uniform with a tracksuit.  That I will acknowledge.  But later on, the last school day before the excursion, you gave us another note. Which stated that we were to wear sports uniform.  Which is the one with the shirt and shorts.  I consider the later one to be the information I should have gone by.

Also.  Is it really sensible to make people wear a fleece-lined pair of pants on a sunny day outside?  I think this slight degree of comfort should come before making everyone wear ‘uniform’.  Not to mention the ‘bottle green shorts’ are part of our sport uniform, as stated.  Saying that I can’t wear shorts, which still ‘match’ our uniform and tracksuits, is like saying that all girls should wear the skirt in winter, and not the slacks, because that means some of the students aren’t wearing the same as the others!  Maybe some girls will find it cold, and wear pants.  That’s a logical reason.  So why should I wear trackpants when I know that I can’t tolerate the heat if I do?  Oh, that’s right.  It’s school policy to make us all look uniform.

It seems to me that our school has a very image-oriented way of running.  Countless times, I’ve heard the deputy or principal tell us that we have to remember how other schools will see us, and that we have to appear our best.  I understand that, because we are such an elite school, we have to appear the best.  But I don’t think this is a very efficient way.  If you were to simply tell a student to be on their best behaviour because we’ll be judged on it, this does not really register because you haven’t really justified it in a way that appeals to the student.

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