A hopefully non-garbled summary of wet towels, dilute cordial and bad movies

by bezzle

I’m writing this on the day back from camp, Tuesday, and I’m dead and this post may not make perfect sense.

Bus ride to there was uneventful.  Got to the camp, sorted ourselves out into our pre-determined groups and did peer support-y stuff.  Lunch was very nice.  A lot of the girls never seem to finish/like their food.  Went to the beach and for an exhausting walk along the sad despite the rain that wouldn’t let up.  Sore ankles and knees.  Went into the bathing pool?  Is that what they’re called?  Because the beach was closed – i.e. no surf lifeguards, so no swimming.

But the pool was very nice too, even though the bottom was slimy and the water was cold.

Walked back and I hung my towel out to dry on the rack in our cabins, only to find a ginormous puddle of water underneath it the next day.

Everyone had finished organising their skit/scenarios to perform after dinner, so people just mucked around and talked to each other?  I don’t know.  I was playing cards and after that got boring and we got paranoid Victor K, Jane X and I snuck around scaring people at their windows and running away.  Which was highly amusing, as well as childish.  Whatever.

Dinner was…moderate.  Standard camp fare.  And I think the ‘creme brulee’ they gave us is totally different from the actual thing but I don’t care it tasted nice anyway.

Now for after dinner activities.

The skits were funny and I think all of them were genuinely funny and great.  That makes me sound like what I say usually isn’t genuine, but I mean that I think most of the time there’s groups that are underprepared but (maybe you were) but I think they were all enjoyable to watch.

And then for the killer.  The sad, disjointed and pointless movie called Napoleon Dynamite.  I’m pretty sure by now however chose that DVD has regretted it.  Seriously, with a name like that?  And the main guy, Napoleon Dynamite, just kept on talking in this REALLY ANNOYINGLY WHINY NASAL MONOTONE that was so IRRITATING and the movie had no plot and it was painful because even though I was somewhat focussing on the movie, I don’t remember it much.  And the stupid thing kept us till 10:45pm and then there was supper of chunky choc chip chocolate cookies and the horrible diluted dilute cordial they kept serving us.  I just can’t formulate my arguments against that movie, but trust me, that paragraph I just wrote does not detail how much Napoleon Dynamite was a flop. 

Attempted to do my maths homework (which is still sitting mostly unfinished on my desk) while Claudia straightened my hair for the first time (as in first time my hair had been straightened).  I obviously didn’t get much done, although Emily and Yvonne might have thought our conversation ‘interesting’ (read: weird).  I gave up and Carmen, Sydodo, Claudia and I just piled onto two top bunks and talked.

It was one of the longest and most varied and meaningful conversations I’ve had.  It started with discussions about relationships (I’m obviously not going to say anything here) and then went onto parents, religion, Australian society, US and our politics, our education system… and toes…up until 4:15am this morning.  That is the latest I’ve ever stayed up till, and at least I think it was for a good cause.  It just amazes me how interesting you guys are and how we all have different interests and yet we can still have such conversations…I can’t really verbalise it, just I feel like we connected somewhere.  And if this gets any sappier, I’ll start making angsty teenage posts full of cryptic accusative sentences about (non-existent) nameless people and how they’ve toyed with my emotions.

Anyway, we were obviously going to regret it later in the morning.

Breakfast…seriously, the last time I went to a camp where they didn’t serve scrambled eggs and greasy sausages for breakfast was in year 6 or something. 

Their brownies are heavenly….

Some last day peer support stuff again, lunch which was again really delicious (why is lunch the best?) and Sydodo sprained her ankle…

Fashion parade!  Bae was a natural, you gotta admit x)  Of course, the judges’ verdict was a tad controversial, but it was fun. 

Bus ride home, caught the bus home with Charmaine.  Walking home was not fun.

Camp was pretty great.  I’m dead tired, my homework hasn’t been touched and my nose is running like a tap (or a sprinter).  Goodnight and hope that I edit this post for more sense.

Victor’s quote corner:

Few things are more satisfying than seeing your children have teenagers of their own.” – Doug Larson 

And here is a link to a blog page full of bishounen.  I think that adult Vivi looks better (but he looks cute in this one) and it needs more megane-kun! but enjoy nonetheless :D