music rage, even though i listen to ‘mainstream’

by bezzle

In maths last period, someone passed a sheet around for us to all write down song suggestions for formal.  And when it got back to my row, I noted that there were a lot of mainstream songs (e.g. Just the way you are by Bruno Mars), because I thought everyone was like ‘mainstream sucks’ but what surprised me was that two people suggested Firework and Teenage Dream, both by Katy Perry.

I think Katy Perry’s music is very typical of mainstream, sugary pop.  I have some of her older songs, so I’m being hypocritical here.  I’ll admit to admiring her ability to make chart-toppers and she has singing ability.  But her lyrics are horrible.

Teenage dream – I know ‘dance until we die’ is a very dumb line (heck, most of her song lyrics are uninspired and very dumb anyway) but at least the song was catchy.  But Firework is a whole different matter.

I mean, it’s first line is:


Honestly.  No, I never feel like a plastic bag.  And that was a terrible opening line.

And while I feel brave/stupid enough to criticise Katy Perry, I’m just gonna have a grumble about Taylor Swift.

She has a really nice personality and is really good at singing.  But her songs are getting…bleh.

What I mean is that when I heard her latest song, Speak now, I thought it just sounded so familiar to her other songs.

Seriously, the idea of the lyrics are so similar to You belong with me.  It’s about her being superior to the guy’s actual girlfriend/fiancee, who is skanky/has a horrible personality and that he should choose her because she likes him and has been waiting for him all this time and but he’s oblivious, etc. but in the end it’s all fine and dandy because he chooses her eventually.

I’m going to end this post quickly, before I feel the urge to pick at more popular singers…

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