more reasons not to (at least regularly) listen to pop songs or Of course I’m not a Music Snob.

by cloudier

Question: Why do pop songs all sound the same?

Answer: They’re all written by a few people – for example, Max Martin, The Neptunes, Dr. Luke.


More: youtube video (BJ Bond – SMBC Theatre), linkdump.


about the Black Eyed Peas, more about the Black Eyed Peas, their consumers, rock music,

I can’t really blame them.

Self-aware, intelligent rap isn’t well received by a lot of people, with maybe Common as the exception. Oh yeah, everyone talks about wanting to hear more positive lyrics, but very few people vote with their wallets on this. Black Eyed Peas tried that route and saw people didn’t want that so they gave the people what they wanted. Top 40 trite with no, dare I say negative, intellectual depth. Some of the lyrics are so vacuous, it makes me think they’re actually trolling the country (my lumps?!)

Jay-Z has a track where he says that he raps about ignorant shit in his music because that’s want people want. If you’ve ever heard him speak outside of the rap context, he’s an articulate intelligent and self-aware guy. He’s now well on his way to being a billionaire.

Black Eyed Peas songs being shit says more about consumers, than it does about them.