after a while, people will begin to post with song lyrics/names as their blog titles. I will not succumb…!

by bezzle

YES I know it is the night before our maths yearly.  And yet I’m still posting, because I’m feeling a little sad.  Mostly annoyed at myself, for not studying at all for yearlies.  And I will not bash myself here. Or at all. 

I think it’s called helplessness?

It’s just that I’ve basically tuned out this entire year.  And obviously, that’s starting to become evident now.


One Saturday, I was walking through Carlingford Court (to go get a haircut at Carlingford Village) when we were stopped by a tall Novak Djokovic-lookalike selling Dead Sea rejuvenation nail buffers or something.  Mum wastes half an hour listening to his pitch of $49.95 a set, and ends up walking off smug with three boxes for $100.  

You know what sucks?  Trying to introduce someone to something (manga, a book series, etc.) and you can’t verbalise how awesomely awesome/funny/witty/plot-twisty/cute/squeeeee~ something is without sounding like you’re exaggerating or spoiling the plot, and then the person is like ‘yeah…ok’ and walks off without reading/watching what you were talking about.  And then you feel kind of sorry for them, because they’re missing out xD and sad because there’s one less person you can fangirl/fanboy with.

Victor’s quote corner:

“Think twice before you speak, and then you may be able to say something more insulting than if you spoke right out at once.”
– Evan Esar