Noblesse: with a bit tacked on, and a hole in my sock that i found when folding the laundry because i’ve never had a hole in my socks before, and everyone gets holes in stockings (except for carmen D:)

by bezzle


Yeah, it’d look so cool if I could sync them.

These animations are of the three main characters in Noblesse, a Korean manhwa about vampires, mutants and power in the 21st century. 

The guy on the right is Cadis Etrama di Raizel, who has just woken from an 820 year sleep, and finds himself mistaken for a high school student.  The principal of the school turns out to be his underling, Frankenstein, who has been waiting faithfully for him all these years.  He’s the dude on the left. 

At his new school, ‘Rai’ is befriended by Han Shin-Woo, the guy in the centre.  Shin-Woo is an ordinary human who is famous for his fighting ability, being able to knockout a gang of delinquents at a time, and has incredible stamina. 

Frankenstein and Rai are called ‘Noblesse’, a race that has the ability to create vampires.  They are both extremely powerful, with Rai being the first Noble and possesses utter power over all humans, mutants, etc. – when he uses it.


Edit: ok, just been reading a lot of quick scanlations at rawcrossing, and my gosh.  Noblesse is now one of my all time favourite manga.  Superpowers, human mutants and experiments, fantasy and a lot of hot guys (which all happen to be the strong ones).  Not to mention it’s updated really frequently. 

And yeah, I just wanted to put those three at the top of the page xD