Those days of innocence?

by bezzle

My sister just told me a story:

“An older girl went up to a kindy kid, who had a $2 coin, and offered to swap a 50c coin for it, saying “Look how shiny it is!”  The kindy kid went along with the change.  The older girl ended up spending the money on iceblocks and chips at the canteen.”

I think the girl in the story is someone she knows. 

Anyway, the story has made me feel extremely angry towards her.  Especially because I can totally imagine a kid who doesn’t know the value of currency and different coins being proud of getting a shinier, larger coin.  And that just kinda broke my heart, because I can also imagine my brother being cluelessly scammed like that, actually, any little kid, and someone laughing off with the profits and showing off to their friends.

This is why it is not such a good idea to have smaller coins being worth more.

On another much more positive note, I have found a copy of The burning wire in Carlingford library and borrowed it!  Ok, intro:

The burning wire is the latest sequel in the Lincoln Rhyme series, which is in the forensic murder/thriller genre.  I love it!  It has hairpin plot twists, a lot of science and corpses full of clues.  Will be bingeing for the next day.