things i like 1

by cloudier

  1. complementing blogposts
  2. this webcomic
  3. this tumblr about ampersands
  4. this article about the origin of the abc
  5. this website with simple desktop wallpapers
  6. this myth about user experience
  7. vivid, enjoyable and sweet dreams
  8. bad photos with a vintage effect and something written in helvetica
  9. good photos
  10. empty bins
  11. neat environments
  12. being good
  13. falling asleep to the sound of rain
  14. exploitable pictures
  15. being productive

Four years ago, when i was 18, i noticed that at night my front window is very reflective so i was pretending to dive in slow motion and shoot, dual pistol style. Suddenly a really hot girl walked past and i was startled and fell over. Embarrassed i waited for a bit and then stood up. As i stood up i saw her slowly shooting an imaginary rifle from behind a car. We then proceeded to do this for 10 minutes until she did an extremely dramatic death. She wasn’t getting up so i went outside to meet her. Once i got to where she was, there was nothing but a piece of paper with a mobile number on it, so I asked her out but she said no.