things i hate 2

by cloudier

  1. crowded places
  2. arguing with pissed off friends
  3. stressing about things that aren’t worth stressing about
  4. sleeping in, knowing it does matter
  5. smell of poo
  6. forgetting the cookies and taking them out hurriedly, burnt
  7. expressions that want the elite status of double-negatives but don’t have, e.g. ‘i could care less’
  8. singing off-tune in front of other people
  9. laughing at discriminatory things that aren’t really funny
  10. intense, burning sunshine on a hot day
  11. not getting the first maths question
  12. spending the whole day in tight jeans and long sleeves in summer
  13. when everyone around me is sad
  14. making someone else angry
  15. hunger.