things i hate 1

by cloudier

27b/6 is inspiring and funny. I like this page.

It’s written by a David Thorne from Adelaide. He started the Kate’s Party thing.

Things I hate:

  1. drawing tanx graphs
  2. runny noses
  3. dead IM conversations
  4. being tired
  5. being bored
  6. being unsure of what to say
  7. drinking lots of water when i’m not thirsty
  8. uncontrollable procrastinating and lethargy
  9. misunderstanding, especially in movies/TV series’
  10. mishearing words in conversation
  11. people who tYpE lYk DiS and misuse your/you’re without e.g. editing out the mistake
  12. poo
  13. crappy food, e.g. most canteen food
  14. religious crusaders
  15. people who are ignorant but very aggressive about a particular subject and are too much of an asshole to admit their ignorance
  16. people who don’t let you express a valid point in a manner that is annoying and not funny