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by car.

oh hey, ‘Next Stop Happiness’ is actually pretty good :D cept for the guy. eurgh… so ugly =/ AND THAT PERV.

but the girls are all pretty and cute xD

ok, shall stop.

thx alex (:

Life Ambition 1: to be showered with popcorn by guys. tick.

JKS! …about the life ambition bit, that is. just so happened that the rest of my team were guys :L and they were aiming for the cup on my head, as part of our games thingo. like i sed, they were aiming for it… i found a lot of popcorn in the hood bit of my jacket O-O

and uncooked spaghetti tastes like plastic… crunchy plastic. horrible. how do u guys keep eating it!??!

i like the topic this term x) “So Many Questions” or something like that. but last night’s study just didnt reeli answer the questions i had in mind, and the questions i always get asked. “Does God really exist?” We watched this short clip, and the host explained stuff, how God reeli did show us he existed, by coming to Earth in flesh, through Jesus. and heaps of ppl saw/touched/heard Jesus, and witnessed his miracles. (and so we’re stupid to say “If God shows himself to me, I’ll believe him” etc because in actual fact, he DID come to Earth) this was all fine and i get that bit <—, but what happens when ur non-christian friends ask “Does God really exist?” coz you cant use the bible to back up ur words, since they dont even believe the bible is true in the first place… ==

like i sed, very unsatisfying.

yay for hijacking the leaders’ music team :D

why do other ppl get such cool dreams?!?! chrystal’s dream (Y) wouldnt work in reality tho… the height difference would be a bit of a problem… SOZ VIV D:

Total Earnings (Sat 24th July): $33, 5 unflicked pen lids and  1 Starlight Foundation star badge thingo.