by car.

i cant wait till the hols.

school is so depressing. i feel like ive wasted a day. i didnt even learn anything today. just confirmed that some of my teachers cant reeli teach.

watched youtube CARTOON videos in science about acceleration. and also this video with jap chicks in it. how is this related?! then did worksheet. thats two periods; gone.

he drones on and nobody’s listening, as usual. i manage to do one page of probability, out of the need to do SOMETHING.

wow, he let us have a whole period of free time in com :D he sed to catch up on stuff, but everyone’s stuff was on their laptops. and asif anyone would do anything. he didnt seem to care.

when are we getting our laptops back? i need that barrier, no matter how small it is.

geo was the only alright thing today. laughed at an article about ‘butchering trees’. you dont reeli want to know why we were laughing tho =/ waved to mr yeo. he bars us. then talked about choosing subjects for next year. apparently, we have a meeting next thurs night. im leaning towards choosing ancient history, coz i prefer that to modern. but i dont like the teacher for ancient hist…. if it’s who i think it is :S she bores me terribly. i used to think she was good. maybe she’s better at teaching the senior course… then went on to talk about names… burg: ‘wat would you name your kid??’    rkim: ‘Wang :D’  (Wang Kim… LOL!)

i dont think ruse is that smart anymore. our reputation has just been blown up too far, to the extent that it’s looked down upon to be in ruse. whenever somebody mentions that im in ruse or watever, there is always SOMEBODY who goes ‘wow! ur so smart!’ nerd, genius, we’re too dumb for you, you must have so much hw!, too busy to come to come shopping/city/watever? you must be studying. geez. smart doesnt have to mean nerd. i think ruse right now, isnt reeli the best place for an education. some teachers who taught here when ruse had just become number 1, have either retired or left. right now, ruse is just an example of how much pressure we put on ourselves (and our parents put on us) to do well academically, as well striving to be at the top. thats just my opinion. i dont reeli think i fit in. i value… values x)

and u know why i talk about 180 so much? coz i feel happier there than at skool.


so yeah. im feeling rather low.

this blog is like… full of my rantings… and randomness…

on a happier note… i made green tea icecream in the holidays x) yummy ;P



wuz pretty depressed till i listened to some music x) yay


something else random…


yayayayayayyy <3

omgosh, wat a humungous piccy yeahhhh <3