muffin, bird or horse?

by car.

hehee church was fun today.

so first, we got sorted into our new mixed bible groups for this term. b4, we were always with same gender and same age group. now it’s anyone (:

we then walked out to the oval, and wondered whether this was gonna be one of those games that were annoying/embarrassing/involved sport. thank goodness its not (: first game: sandra and big kev mars and issy RAN across the oval… in the three-legged race D: everyone else was like… wtheck?!?! -stacks- then, we had a team race :D most of the teams only had 4/5 ppl in it, but everyone in yandy’s group was there, so they had like… 8 ppl o-O mun’s team had 4 ppl in it (including sandra ahemm) so no wonder they came first… then somebody else came second, and we beat another team for third x)

aha hah ha ha… we had all taken the ribbons off our feet, and yandy’s team had barely moved 10m xD the yr 9 guys were walking so much faster on the left side… the girls on the right were like ‘how does this work?!?!’ and so poor little yr 7 edwin in the middle was stretched into doing the splits. such an epic 9-legged team :DD

then we separated into our bible study groups and basically intro’d ourselves within our groups. my group did the usual ‘my name is….. i go to….. im in yr…..’ and we picked out 3 colours of smarties, and the colours each corresponded to a question we had to answer… eg: ‘summer or winter forever?’ – ‘deaf or blind for the rest of your life?’ – ‘where would you travel to if you could go anywhere?’ – ‘what flavour ice cream would you be?’ – ‘choose one food to eat for the rest of your life.’ (clement answers: jelly :DD)

and then the very weird game… muffin, bird or horse?? they represented characteristics… but it depends on what you think. like, i am apparently ‘half horse, 1.5 bird, one muffin’… which i dont reeli think is me at all. uhhh… basically, you had to make up 3 parts, and you didnt have to have every component in there. like, this yr 7 girl was ‘2.5 muffins, 0.5 bird’, and a yr 10 guy was ‘two horses, one muffin’. it was such a weird game, but one that totally made sense? we sorta have the same opinion about wat each part represented, without telling each other that.

other groups played other games that their leaders thought of. henry’s group made each other do dares… so we heard the national anthem sung by eunice, trevor flailing around like a monkey, alex going around the groups and tapping everyone going ‘ duck duck goose’, somebody skipping, henry talking into his shoe like a phone, trevor pretending to be batman/superman… omgosh, hilarious :D but wouldnt like to be in that group xD

service was aiite (: did the ushering with issy and sandra… my stomach was rumbling thruout it all D:


i dont want to go back to school ):

p.s. is it week A or week B first??