stolen off Eternal Fireworks x)

by car.

110. My last name: Cheng
109. I was born in: HK yeahh
108. I am really: bored too.
107. My phone is: nokia Xpressmusic?!
106. My eye color is: very very very dark brown. i like to think it is anyway >.>
105. My ring size is: small to medium? i only know this coz i went around macq yesterday testing makeup & jewellery xD so fun ahahh
104. My height is: >167cm.
103. I am allergic to: overlymodest ppl.
102. I was born on: the day before Australia Day.
101. I am annoyed by: many things, including my allergy named above.
100: What happened to question 189?: i ate it.
99. My bed is: in my room.
98: One thing you don’t like about yourself: im not outgoing enough =/
97. Do you sleep on your side, stomach, or back?: used to sleep on my stomach… now it’s more back and side (:
96. How do you vent anger?: imagine holding a gun, then shooting bullets off into the sky.
95. How did your day start off?: today? a random phone call that woke me and my sis up at 9:43am. sucks.
94. Do you get along with guys or girls better?: prob girls.
93. How do you think you look right this moment?: uhm. normal (:
92. Last person you went to the movies with? aiyo, went yesterday… do i have to name everyone?!?! i went with 180 youth/leaders (:
91. My favorite Holiday was: the NZ one at the beginning of this year x) roadtrip around most of south island. best view ever :DD My fav holiday would be around Europe tho (:
90. The last CD I bought was: OMGOSH WHY THIS QUESTION NOW D: i swear they put this here to embarrass me D: *whispers: Justin Bieber for SANDRA’S BDAY D:*
89. Do you have any siblings?: sister and a bro :D
88. What did you do yesterday? went to macq, watched eclipse with church ppls, then went around macq with one eye of mascara and one finger with nail polish… ahhaha… then dinner at church and meeting (:
87. When in doubt?: pray (: or yeah, google/wiki xD

:::I Do /Do Not Believe In::::
86. Love at first sight? No, but maybe ‘crush at first sight’?
85. Luck? nope
84. Fate? er, sorta
83. Aliens? hahah, no.
82. Heaven? Definitely
81. Hell? Again, yes.
80. Ghosts? No
79. Horoscopes? No, but they’re fun to read xD
78. Soulmates? Yes, but not everyone might have one ):
77. Karma? No…

:::Which is Better?:::

76. Drunk or High? High
75. On the phone or online: Online
74. Red heads or blondes? Red heads
73. Blondes or Brunettes? Brunettes
72. Hot or cold? cold. coz sweating so much is just… off-putting
71. Summer or Winter: Autumn!! but… winter?
70. Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate 8D
69. Night or Day? depends… nights at camps are fun xD
68. Oranges or Apples? oh wow, this is hard… MANDARINS!! i prefer apple juice tho…
67. Curly or Straight hair? Straight

::Here’s What I Think About:::
66. Abortion: this is very hard :l I don’t think ppl should go through with abortion. It’s unhealthy too, anyway. You can put them up for adoption… but that’s not very nice either. There’s no need for even considering abortion if u knew what you were doing =/
65. Backstabbers: can’t stand them. i agree with kynan –> “MIC YOU BACKSTABBED IN LASERTAG”
64. Parents: I love them, even if I don’t always say so, or if i am frustrated with them too much. I wish they’d try to understand me more tho =/

:::Last time I:::
63. hugged someone: last night x) dilys hahaha she was cold… oh WAIT. i hugged someone else goodbye last…
62. Saw someone: i saw my sister walk into my room just then…
61: Cried in front of someone?: can’t remember…

60. Who is the ditziest person you know: no one reeli… syd? bezzle at times…
59. Who makes you laugh? too many ppl (:
58. Last show you watched? some cartoon this morning x)
57. What you don’t understand is? How people can ignore the blatant truth and totally miss the obvious.
56. The most unsatisfying answer: LOL… oops, i do that too x)
55. Something I really miss when I leave home is? warmth inside the house
54. The thing I’m looking forward to the most is? next holidays ==
53. Tomorrow: hopefully, i can go city with church ppls xD
52. Today: im procrastinating too much…
51. Next Summer: let’s partay ~~
50. This Weekend: ive got nothing to do D:
49. The person(s) who knows the most about me is: thats hard… probably vaish?
48. The most difficult thing to do is? ignore all distractions and do hw
47. I haven’t gotten a speeding ticket: that’s right!
46. The first person I talked to today was: my sister
45. First time you had a crush: hard >.> cant remember when… sometime in primary??
44. The one person who I can’t hide things from: im pretty good at hiding things… from people. but not God.
43. Last time someone said something you were thinking: have no idea. must be sometime on msn, or during church camp last week?
42. Right now I am talking to? on msn to my eldest fairy goddaughter and fob best friend xD
41. What is your dream job? something to do with languages?
40. First job? casual at the tutoring place where i did work experience
39. I have had these pets: zilch. wat a cool pet >.>
38. I can still see: his smile x)
37. The worst sound in the world is? teachers shouting =/ i hate that. and also babies crying… eurgh
36. The person who makes me cry the most: ive only reeli cried after fights with parents…
35. Best sound in the world?: when we sing songs at youth… the songs are so catchy x) ~the mystery of the cross i cannot cooooomprehend… the agonies of Caaaalvary…~
34. What makes you happy?: ditto. and ppl being randomly funny…
33. Cats or dogs?: i reeli dont know. i like cats coz they dont do anything much x)
32. Myspace or Facebook: Fb
31. Mexican food or Chinese? Chinese… tacos and tortillas and salsa and nachos are all very very nice tho!!!
30. My favorite piece of clothing? jeans…dunno.
29. My favorite color(s) are: changes… purple & blue, but black & grey & white for clothes :D
28. Last time I cried: i didnt want to go to a dinner with my parent’s cell group…
27. My friends: are a bunch of laughter x)
26. My computer is?: new :D
25. Last person I got mad at: no idea…
24. Person you secretly crush on?: wont be so secret if i tell you? :P
23. Favorite place to eat?: at home in front of the tv x) WAIT. the Canterbury League Club in Belmore!!
22. Favorite song: too many…
21. The all-time best show is: dont have one. TV Burp was good x) where did that go!?
20. The all-time best feeling in the world is: knowing you are appreciated for something
18. What color is your hairbrush: black
17. Favorite shoes: converse or flats
16. I lose all respect for people who: dont respect others
15. favorite channel to watch: i dont like answering ‘favourite ______’ too hard to choose. channel seven and ten, probs. and ABC3 xD
14. favorite food: again, too many to choose… as a course tho, i like dessert best x)
13. favorite day of the week: Friday nights. dont reeli like any ‘days’ in particular… sunday?
12. Best Feature(s) in the opposite sex: they are so oblivious to everything… like, ppl’s relationships towards each other. also their worst feature ==
11. The worst pain I was ever in was: no idea. stomachaches? mentally in pain when im crying?
10. Best Memory: too many D:
9. Favorite TV show?: i think i answered this question already…
8. My favorite singer/band: taylor swift for her catchy songs and delta goodrem for her voice x) yes, i have girly tastes :P
7. Favorite Stuffed Animal? dunno… something soft and huggable, watever it is.
6. Greatest Fear: losing everyone i love =(
5. My weakness is: caring too much about wat others think of me
4. When was your last concert?: concert?! i went to a hillsong concert ages ago…
3. Who broke your heart?: no one >.> its still very much intact
2. One thing that makes you feel great is: knowing that i have such a supportive group of brothers and sisters in Christ
1. One person that you wish you could see right now?: well, my fob family :D

final note… eclipse was so corny == not that i wasnt expecting it, but yeah… and THANKYOU ISSY. finally someone agrees with me that taylor lautner’s shoulder muscles are very very weird. – read sandra’s blog for more details :P –