Long Overdue Post

by car.

YAY!! we came third in the hair-styling comp :DD i think the teachers just felt sorry for us xD there were other hairstyles that i think deserved to win >.>

but nevertheless.. WOOOOOOOOT!

thanx to the unofficial hairstylers… esp lea, for ur awesome straws idea :D


omgosh, epic src week, with the best dance ever :DD and no, im not just saying that coz im in src… it was very awesome, with the whole superhero theme – the execs dressing up -, food and drinks, cool tickets :P, great music, SPIN THE BOTTLE AHAHAHAHA

bamnita <3

hard to have an even better dance than this one :P

i wish they didnt have to blast that music out so darn loud. by the end of the night, even standing at the back of the hall would hurt ur ears – and everyone was at the front… ==


yay! we did our church play on Friday and today (: apparently, it was funny… but im just happy we didnt screw up our lines today like on friday night… heh heh. thanks to syd, shelley, linly & yip for coming xD methinks it was a bit awkward esp when yip and syd stayed behind for the food hahahha

anybody going to RICE fever???

so busy this hols… since my mum has work now, she cant get me to places like she used to.. darnn

church camp, laser tag, movies x3, city… im gonna be so pov by the end of this termbreak aiyoooo

have fun on ski trips all u lucky ppls. i swear everybody’s going skiing this hols

blogging is getting very tedious.