mir ist so langweilig.

by car.

which does NOT mean ‘i am so boring’, but ‘i am so bored’.

humbuggy. i like that word (:

this is how boring my life is becoming… i was rambling to myself in german (or attempting to) while the jap students all revised on their eggplants and mushrooms and watnots.

victor, ur such a thief. thank goodness i found johnny and gave him four tickets instead of five. otherwise u would’ve gotten a free ticket. bleurgh.

skool photos D: ach nein! im in second row this year mwahahhahaha NOT because i didnt wear stockings :P i would’ve been in second row anyway :D

goodbye laptop! see you next term… does it reeli take three weeks to wipe our laptops?

ive reeli got nothing else to say.

life keeps moving on, and there’s not enough time to remember everything that you’ve done.


church play this week – so excited (: will be sorta fail, but also very awesome at the same time…

oh yeah! RICE is coming up (: those who want earlybird tickets to both events (Fever and Rally = $25) come to me with ur money by the end of this week… otherwise it’s $15 for each event. Mind you, i prob wont be able to give u the tickets until after the hols, unless im seeing u during the hols… (: plus i have pamphlets for RICE yay


bam bam bambamnita

bambam bambamnita (Y)