Diddly squat :D

by car.

time for new post from moi

havent posted in a while, eh >.>

just a note; our church play, which was renamed “The Time Traveller’s Life” (AHAHAH lameeee) has been postponed a week… which means we’re performing it to the english service on the first sunday of the holidays :D

i love my lines :DD something along the lines of “KILL HIM!!! KILL HIM!!” hehehehehehee


as bezzle mentioned, collaroy was awesome (: the view was breath-taking… and our guide was darn awesome (even tho he was wearing orange crocs >.>) for once, ben managed to not take stalker photos, and instead, took darn pro piccies of the view :DD yayayayayay

dairy excursion this friday. methinks it’ll stink >:(



and btw, victor. i’ve thought about ur tags. ill let bezzle tag you maximum once a week. there.

german test was hard. nobody knew how to translate “Our apartment is for rent. The rent is 1400 Euros each month.” errrrrrr, did we even learn that?!?! ehh

com assign >:( why cant we choose our own groups?!?! how was the team leader thing fair?!?! it was so random. and im glad u took back wat u sed at lunch vase >:) i told you so :P

i feel like i should be bringing up some topic and discuss it on here. cept i can think of anything. during the week, i have heaps of stuff going thru my head, but whenever i have to post, i got nothing ==

omgosh, im listening to random songs. and i got to ‘Ridin’ Solo’ by Jason Derulo… the beginning reminds me of ‘Freestyler’ O_O omgoshomgoshomgosh *CHANGES SONG* (we used it for pe hiphop dance… im so proud of our group, but still…)

oh yesh, so here’s a piccy of the very complicated family tree of some of the ppls from my youth group xD all started out when they were arguing about who was fobbier than who… then the family grew bigger xD i was invited to join the family, but decided against being related to them by blood xD so im the fairy godmother mwahahhaah

it was so co-incidental that the topic of the sermon on sunday was ‘Actually Love’ and the song we sang right after we drew this diagram was ‘The Family Song’ ahahhaha

credits to eldest fob daughter viv and fob mum caleb for drawing this piccy :DD (click to enlarge photo…)

and here’s a piccy of bam and bae outside the iceskating rink some weeks ago. cloud was commenting how similar they looked O-o

soz for the quality… my phone’s camera is so dodgy, and the screen is tiny ): ah well