by car.

mein bruder bringt den Müll raus xD

wow, the number of ppl who have complained that our blog is dead == IT IS NOT! last week was just crazy boring…

but i must thank michael & nana for bringing our viewer ratings back up again xD most views EVER on one post =DD

sooooooo recap on this week..

montag = kevin has exams… so no bio till next friday!! but we have geo excursion on friday heheheheheeh xD eng essay. eurgh. enough sed. oh wait. and the fact that our class is crazy nerd, since 90% of us were in the english room at lunch cramming xD

dienstag = wowee… bball is actually alright =D well, i guess victor and richard did an alright job of teaching us hahahaha. (no victor, i shall not tag you to boost the size of your name in the tag cloud >.> besides, u only want bezzle doing that, right? GET UR OWN BLOG) yay, still doing bball next time… no im not crazy about bball, but im not exactly looking forward to soccer, and inevitably, our softball T_T  GUYS. WE NEEDA START SOFTBALL!! *cringes at the thought of attempting to start it yet again*

debate.. i think i was biased, but personally, i thought our team was better. our argument made more sense to me, and the negative team had such RANDOM examples. and they kept bringing up suicide :S

mittwoch = full day of science man… at least we got some practice papers done. wow, they repeat quite a lotta questions =/ then the actual thing. darn it. last question, i was so happy that i remembered to divide it by two for the distance… then glue tells me afterwards that it wasnt 16, but 15. OH GAY ):

sport was fun ahhaha. leo sat with alice on the way there; michael with nana on the way back xD and we filmed it (: oh man, we’re evil >:)  [darn, i drafted this b4 cloud posted up the vid :DD for the film, scroll down ~~] ahahaha i love the bus rides with the k ppls, coz u guys are ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS :D even though you can be a bit nooby sometimes >.< heheheh.

then after skool, we were gonna volunteer to tutor some kids… but we didnt know where our co-ordinator was, so me, bezzle and syd ended up going to parra westfield and walking around looking at different shops xD funfunfun (: so different from going with chewbey and vase

donnerstag = wat an uber long day :L smashing up the veges with a hoe is funfunfun

heute = today had it’s ups and downs. down = my history teacher lost my immigrants report, and she still hasnt found it, and asked me why i didnt hand in another copy… she told me last time NOT to photocopy another set, since i handed it in… darn it. means i prob lost a whole lot of marks :( another down = nooby sub in eng who upset cloud. >:( she was so mean to charmaine last time too, when she thought charmaine was reading out loud in an ‘immature way’. but gee woman, that’s how charmaine talks!!


up = HHAHAHHA src dance video xDD omgosh, imma get totally embarrassed when they show that at the next assembly :S i kept my head down most of the time… BUT there were only like… 7 of us. grrrrr… i think in the vid, we’re all gonna look very spaz xD btw, that patrick (?) kid in yr 7 is so high xDD

soz to all our victims :D

lunch was also very nice (: won nearly all big 2 games hhahahahahah

LONG WEEKEND!! we need more of them.