by bezzle


playing against northmead – both of our teams won :D  our game seemed very short – i suppose 20 min is a short game.  we came into the school very shiftily though.  the bus stopped on the side of the school and we had to fence hop over.  and then halfway through walking chris and alex realise that it’s all muddy and squelchy and their pristine white bball shoes are all gross.  my throat is still dead.

after school, went to parra library meaning to do something important, but instead went and window shopped at westfield == in the end we went totally nuts in lincraft.  as carmen remarked: “if they had security cameras in here they’d see some crazy people.” 

THEY HAVE A WHOLE SHELF OF BUTTONS.  like thin jars of individual types of buttons.  several hundreds styles.  and the fabrics… THE FABRICS.  all three of us went crazy over all the different types and textures and stuff.  okay, maybe it’s only us who’re craft nerds.

managed to get a ride home with carmen, after remembering that i’d misplaced my bus pass and couldn’t get home.  it turns out the thing was in my blazer pocket.

tuned in to watch the plumpton babies thing.  they looked so…typical of people who appear on that show.  mum-ish?  anyway, i recognised baby!  and her son looks just like her O_O  i don’t watch today tonight usually because i think it’s a piece of trashy journalism.

that stuff above doesn’t really do our insanity justice.


something i was snacking on.  seriously?  disguising one fruit’s flavour as another?  it doesn’t even taste strawberry-y.

ok, another victor plug:

all brand and spanking new!  victor’s quote corner ~

[yeah he should get his own blog.  but this is a shameless plug to boost his tag count.]

Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.
 – Thomas A. Edison